Photo Contest Winners for the 2004 Parrots At Play Calendar




Sugar is a Congo African Grey and is the "heart and soul" of our family. He is very friendly and loves to have conversations with most people. He says too many things to write, but I can tell you that the thing that makes everyone who hears it double over in stiches, is when he does a 'dead on' human cough, (congestion and all) and then immediately says, "Teri, I don't feel very good". He is a free range bird in our home, we only cage him at night for bed, and when we have to leave. He eats all meals with the family, he loves his showers once a week, and loves to play ball, (we use the little cat toy ones). He also loves to play catch with the cardboard coasters we have (like frisbee), but his favorite thing is to steal my back scratcher away from me and then let me twirl him around on it.




Beau is a Red Bellied Parrot and is very vocal. He says several words and phrases very clearly. He asks "Are you ready?" and lifts his wings when he wants out of the cage or to be picked up from his play gym. He greets me by saying "Hi Baby" and he can melt my heart by saying "Love you." He also says "kisses" and makes loud smacking sounds. He loves his toys and can entertain himself very well.




Pixie is a Green Cheek Conure and is about a year and a half old. His favorite things to do are shred Peacock feathers and terrorize my husband! He's starting to learn how to talk; right now he says "Hi Baby," "gotta go to bed", "bye guys", and wolf whistles. He is also very cuddly.




Gizzy is a Peach Faced Lovebird and what a sweetie he is. We spend all day together and I can't imagine being without him! He likes to play in drawers, cupboards and closets and loves to ride around the house on my shoulder (or on cold days he prefers snuggling in my blouse!). It's always fun to watch people stare when his fiery little head pops out of my shirt! He loves noises and loud sounds and always adds his 2 cents to the commotion. At night, he gets so sleepy but hates to go home to his cage. After covering him up, he always tries to lure me over by "blowing kisses" - he's quite a little con artist!




Gumdrop is an Orange Wing Amazon and was a rescue bird we adopted when he was 9 months old. He is very shy but loves to play "KILL THAT BALL". He will hang upside down and swing back and forth on his rope perch and attack the ball or his bell for hours; it is a sight to see. He is very loving for a rescue bird and just loves his mother to death, but his true love is Jellybean, another Orange Wing Amazon who is 3 months younger, their bond is amazing. If one goes somewhere you can be sure the other is soon to follow.



Handful of Budgies

My daughter managed to get our 5 budgies on her hand and brought them up to the bathroom mirror so I could take a picture of them all. Looks like it's 10 budgies! Plus some of them are grooming each other. Not too worried about their unusual outing! Budgies seem like the eternal optimists, chattering and playing no matter what!



Boomer is a Green Wing Macaw and is learning his ABC's. Boomer is 6 years old and is a rescue bird. His one complete sentence is "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers" which he knew how to say before he came to us. He also has a cute little dance he does before he tells you "hello".




Cloudy is an Umbrella Cockatoo that was surrendered to the Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue in Feb of 2003. She was fostered and later adopted by one of the volunteers. Cloudy was raised by her cockatoo parents for the first 4 months of her life. Unfortunately, she had a beak deformity, an underbite, and her parents did not care for or feed her properly. In addition to her beak deformity, her skeleton did not develop correctly, leaving her stunted, with crooked wings and feet. An avian vet fitted her with a beak brace which pulled and held the upper beak out and over the lower. Her beak now has adjusted properly, and she is able to eat pellets and fruits and vegetables. Her favorites are peas and apples. She is an incredible friendly cockatoo, with boundless energy for entertaining her humans. She doesn't seem to notice her handicap, as she goes about her daily business.





Indy is a Congo African Grey and is enjoying his favorite game. He rolls the dice and his pet humans move the pieces! He never shuts up and loves to play! He has a huge vocabulary of both words and whistles. He's my best friend!




Koji is a Blue Fronted Amazon and is a very active gymnast, excelling in swinging, climbing, somersaults and hanging from one toe. All this activity gives him a big appetite so he always looks forward to meal time. He dances back and forth on his play gym calling "Come on baby. Let's go", when he hears me in the kitchen preparing dinner.




We obtained our Sun Conure, Tango, from a rescue organization. His first family could no longer care for him properly so lucky for Tango and for us they sought a loving home for him. He was painfully shy and frightened by everything. When we decided to teach him tricks he began to have the time of his life with his new job! He loves to perform for house guests and for the neighborhood children. He not only plays basketball but he spins, roller skates, somersaults, waves his wings as a big eagle, stacks cups, works puzzles, puts rings on the peg, banks his pay for doing tricks, steps through the hoop, waves, nods his head to various questions, pulls a car with Smokey the Bear in it from the forest and is working on ringing the bell. It is unclear as to whether Tango or his owner have the most fun.



The Bookends

These two have been best friends and raised together from a very young age. Charmin, the Umbrella Cockatoo, tells Cameo, the Moluccan Cockatoo, that she loves him and hello every time they are together. It's just too cute to watch. Charmin is affectionate most of the time but loves to start trouble. Cameo is a calm soul with much patience. They are playful and love to be in pictures. They both say hello and step up.


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