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When turned over this cocktail is also known as Poirot, our Congo
African Grey Parrot. He hatched on March 24th, 2004. He knows many
words and imitates lots of sounds. He likes mixing words together to
make interesting combinations like, "Peek-a-good-boy", or the whistle
of a bomb dropping followed by an explosion.
Poirot is very friendly, sociable, and entertaining to all. Some
of his favorite pastimes are scooting around his cage top on his
back, barking, or calling our dogs. He likes throwing his toys on the
floor and demanding that we, "Pickitup," and hanging upside down by
one foot, often finding himself viciously attacked by a toy which
unaccountably seems to be, "attached" to his other foot.






Skittles is a Senegal parrot.  Her hatch week was the week of Sept. 17, 2004.  She loves to hang upside down and do summersaults off her perch.  She can dunk a plastic basketball, whatever it takes to be the center of attention.  Senegal's mimic sounds more than talk.  Skittles makes several noises that she has heard the dogs make, a yelp and a growl. She can do a great wolf whistle and we are working on a turkey call. 





FELIX is a Bluefront Amazon who lives in Holland and has been a family member since 1982
Loves to listen to piano music (sits on the piano) - A good opera
singer when he thinks nobody is around...Loves to sit and talk on the
telephone. Flies freely around the house.
Very protective of his comrade-boss and most lovable with him only. Enjoys the company of two Kerryblue Terriers and barks at them and is highly respected by them!
He can become bad tempered and when Felix doesn't like a visitor he
simply turns his back and, if he does like him/her he shows off. He rules the family household and pretends he is the king, as he is, indeed. He has enriched our family, is terribly spoiled by us and we feel privileged to have him. We love him dearly!





Cinnamon is a 12 year old Sun Conure who we adopted. She says a few words.... "yum yum! It's good! Bye Bye", and says "kiss" every night before she goes to bed. A real cuddle bun, she loves to cuddle in our shirts or under a blanket. She has a great time hanging out with her friend Scooter, a Jenday Conure.... they make quite a striking pair. Her favorite outing is going for a truck ride and going through the Tim Horton's drive thru. Cinnamon is the sunshine in our home. She brings smiles to all who meet her with her charm and great looks.






Piper is a 1 year old Congo African Grey

Vocabulary:    "Hello; Bye-Bye; Good Boy; Step up; Hi Piper; Come here"
Favorite Word:    "OUCH!"
Favorite Nut:        Almond
Favorite Fruit:      Apple (Granny Smith)

My name is Piper and I found my human in a pet store when I was six months old.  I was very shy at first and not sure that I wanted to be sociable.  Now I enjoy meeting new people and exploring new things.  I get to ride in the car a lot and I love to see the beautiful scenery of Alaska, right outside of my very own back yard.  The best part of all is knowing I am loved very much and this is my forever home.





Bailey, my black-headed caique, goes everywhere with me during the day, and when I do wash, I hang him up and he will wait for me to fold a load of laundry.





This is Rocky, a Senegal Parrot.  He is 5 1/2 years old.  Rocky loves to talk; one of his favorite sayings is "Goin' Fishing."  Rocky is shown here with his "buddy," a beanie baby parrot.  He loves to "attack" his buddy and chew on his beak; and when he's finished playing, Rocky drags him over to the garbage can and drops him in the can (it has one of those swing lids and Rocky likes to see it swing).





This is a picture of Kiwi, a Greater Jardine's parrot, appreciating a nice new shipment of toys. He was adopted at the beginning of this year (2005) from a rescue in Illinois and was hatched on Christmas Eve 1995, meaning he'll be celebrating his tenth birthday soon, now with us at his forever-home.

If he can hold it with his feet he loves it--from vegetables to toys, he has to be able to manipulate it with his toes in order to thoroughly enjoy. He has a nice repertoire of human words and mimicked noises ranging from saying his name in a variety of voices to coughing, sniffling, and sneezing so convincingly we thought someone had a cold in our home.

He has brightened our home with his distinct personality and is an irreplaceable member of our family.




Pepper & Sunny

"Ooooh that hits the spot!"

Pepper and Sunny are two hilarious and lovable little guys. They are amazing whistlers and love to sing to each other and to all of us. Sunny is a pied cockatiel who is very sweet and gentle and has the softest feathers. Feisty and curious, Pepper is a wild gray that loves to kiss and snuggle and always keeps us entertained. Both are males about 6 months old. They are agile and athletic birds who just love to have a good time. We leave their cage open most of the time and they are often found standing in the cage doorway waiting for a pickup. They are both very loved and our family wouldn't be the same without them.





Charlie is a 50 year old Moluccan Cockatoo that lives at the Bloedel Floral Conservatory at the Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is quite the character to watch. Full of energy and playful as can be.  He most definitely loves to interact with people.





Tiki is a 9 year old Scarlet Macaw and is always ready for her "close up"... she loves to show off her great looks and has a large vocabulary, often declaring herself a "Pretty Brat!" or telling her buddy Niki, the Moluccan Cockatoo, to "Stop" when she's being bad.  Tiki tells you when she wants "up-up", will do big wings anyday for a cashew, and knows her most favorite people by name.  When she wants something you will be showered with a long and enthusiastic "oooOOOOOoooooooh".  She loves to go for car rides, and has been known to terrorize a drive-thru attendant with an ever-increasing in urgency and volume "HELLOOOO!!" until someone answers her!





JJ passed over Rainbow Bridge on 24th September last year 3 days short of his 3rd Birthday. JJ was a male Australian King Parrot who was the most beautifully natured bird. The species are a non aggressive bird and although not a touch me bird loved being with people. He adored visitors flying to them with "Hello!!!", “ I love you” and “what are you doing?" as his first 3 questions ..He would then proceed to show off in the most adorable way .. A part of my heart carries JJ in it and that part is forever sad at his loss. I never knew how much I could love a feathered companion.















































































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