2007 Photo Contest Winners




My fids are Mango & Tango and they are White Bellied and Black Headed Caiques.
They were born in June 2005.

They are both sweet, funny and soo active! Mango loves to whistle songs and Tango can say a few things like, Hello, what are you doing and I love you.






Picture is of two of my Pacific Parrotlets. Cleo (left), a 2 1/2 year old female, and Normee (right) a 4 year old male. They are best buddies.
Although they have separate cages, they enjoy spending time together when they are out of their cages. Cleo was my first bird. After we'd had her about 8 months or so, we took Normee in. Normee was being given away because his current owner could no longer keep him. After his quarantine, he was introduced to Cleo, and the two have been inseparable ever since!






Name of bird -  Forest.  I thought she was a male but after DNA sexing, it turned out that she is a female ! She is still called Forest but is also now called Estie, Forie, Forestine and Sweets.

species- Congo African Grey

age (if known) - She is just a baby of 8 and 1/2 months in the photo 

interesting characteristics of the bird; this may include vocabulary:It is kind of hard to tell from the photo but Forest is a parrot with special needs. She has severe neurological problems that effect her legs and feet. Her ability to move around is quite compromised. Forest is also a very good example of "how NOT to raise a baby parrot". Forest, as a 9 week old baby, was sold by a bird broker to a large--chain type--petstore. I found her at the petstore when she was four and a half months old. I knew as soon as I saw her that something was "not right" with her.  She was kept in an acrylic type cage with slippery plastic perches that she simply couldn't climb onto. The slippery flooring was covered in a layer of pine shavings. So, for over two months, this baby girl basically just stood and tried her best to walk around on pine shavings. She had nothing to climb on, she couldn't exercise her wings and she had only one small plastic toy that she could reach. Her environment was deprived of just about all things necessary for a baby parrot to properly develop. 

Her wings were clipped --- well, not just clipped, they were butchered - all 10 of her primaries were severely cut. She was never allowed to safely fledge. Additionally, she was being housed with an older female eclectus who was dominating the food dish. All Forest had available to eat, when she could get to the food dish, were low quality pellets and seed. No fresh foods were offered at all. Forest was emaciated, had developed large calluses and sores on her keel bone from resting on and bumping it onto the cage floor so many times. She was also very sick with severe diarrhea. ( I later found out it was caused by a very nasty bacterial infection).

I just couldn't leave her there at that store. I knew that I would have been leaving her to suffer even more and, perhaps, to die.     

In the months that I have had her in my care, she has slowly been nursed back to health, and she has started to learn and experience things that she had not been given an opportunity to experience before. She recently "discovered" that what I have been telling her is true  -- that fresh veggies, fruits, and birdie bread really DO taste good! And she thinks warm oatmeal for breakfast is something to get very excited about.

She is just starting to learn to play with toys, and she has found that touches, scritches, and beak rubs actually feel quite nice. As she is getting stronger, she is developing more balance and control of her body.  

So, getting this picture of her actually playing and having fun has so much meaning for me. It thrills me that she is finally feeling good and can begin to enjoy and experience life to the best of her ability!





This is a picture is of our adorable 13 yr old Umbrella Cockatoo Elvie
My husband and I adopted Elvie as a baby 13 years ago. He is a very special cockatoo. We live in Southern Oregon. Elvie has an exuberant personality that is extremely loving and outgoing. His vocabulary continues to grow, it is currently at 49 understandable words and almost as many phrases. We take him with us when we go out of town, go on vacations, weekend, or daily outing. He attends car shows, walks on the beach or in the mountains, art galleries, parades, community functions. He is such fun and the best companion we could ever have.

This picture was taken this spring during an afternoon outing with Elvie. He was laughing and showing off to his daddy when I took this picture. We often take him on nature outings so he can capture some sunshine while enjoying the beauty of nature in a safe controlled environment.

Elvie actually has his own website. Lots of good information. Check it out at www.freewebs.com/mytoolove






Name of bird: Miro species:    Severe Macaw age:    1year

interesting characteristics of the bird:    Very curious, loves to play, too smart for his own good- Loves to disassemble nuts and bolts and quicklinks. He is a master of escape- Gets out of his cage in many inventive ways. His vocabulary is growing, now includes 'hello', good boy/girl, chicken, and a few other assorted words.







Morning snack time is always a highlight of the birds and my day. Here my catalina macaw Zoe is attempting to finish her peanut, while Squirt is going in for the grab. I adopted Zoe in the fall and she's 5 years old. She talks ALL day and knows many tricks. Squirt is a 1 year old Rainbow lory who loves to hang upside down and talk in his funny old man voice. The other two watching are Chloe my Sun Conure and Seifer my capped caique. Everyone gets along great even willingly sharing their peanuts and grapes at snack time.






Joey is a 7-year old Senegal Parrot. He enjoys performing tricks and knows over 25 tricks, including riding a scooter. Joey’s favorite play activity is chewing through cereal boxes; he can destroy a box in just a few hours. Joey can say a few words and loves making the phone-ring sound.





Name of bird: Loro
Species: Parrotlet
Age: 10 weeks old
Interesting Characteristics of the bird: Loro just
joined our house this past week. He's is very active,
he likes playing with his toys and swing. He eats
fruit, vegetables, couscous and rice. Loro loves
hanging out with the whole family. Loro enjoys hiding
in his mommy's hair, he gets lost in there. It's his
favorite spot and he feels very cozy and secure in
there. He loves getting kisses from his little mommy
Stella and he also loves hanging out on daddy's shirt.
Loro sings a little bit like a canary, since his
little brother Bebe sings a little bit too.






Sapphire is a Blue & Gold Macaw who was 4 months old in this photo (she is now 14 months).

She is still learning many new things with her favorite being jumping & bouncing (she is often referred to as our little monkey bird). Her foot toys are by far her favorite toys & she will actually wrestle you for them if you try to take them away from her.





This is Pumpkin...peach faced lovebird, 4 years old; she loved toys and
anytime I came in with a bag she would fly over to see if there was
anything in it for her! She did nursing home programs with seniors on
a regular basis, and was affectionate and loving toward everyone she
met. She gave loud smacking kisses if she was put up to your face.

Sadly, she became egg bound in Oct.. 2004 and even with extensive vet
care including a hysterectomy, she passed away on Nov. 20. She was
the most unique bird I've ever met and I still miss her everyday.





Name of Bird: Tia
Species; Congo African Grey - female
Age 2 years 8 months

Tia has a large vocabulary, one phrase, "what are you doin over there ?" is always said when she flys where she is not supposed to be. This always lets me know when she is not where she belongs. Other favorite phrases are "Mommy's Home" :Tia come see mommy", Chance, Robyn come here" and the ever present 'whoops" for when anything is dropped on the floor. Tia is a cuddly parrot who loves to scritched and spend lots of time with Mommy. Tia also makes an excellent telephone, however you cannot talk in her and she does not take messages. Tia's favorite food is squash, closely follwed by green peas or sweet peas. She is a true character who never fails to make me smile. The story behind this pic is that Tia has recently grown back her flight feathers. She now flys anywhere I am. The look on her face says "hey Mom, how cool is this...I can fly" She looks so proud of herself.





We love our Blue Front Amazon, Turkey. For such a little creature he has a big personality. He has ruled our roost for 26 years now. When he wants to move from one perch to the other he will yell  "Get on my hand" and then once we pick him up he guides us to where he wants to go by leaning. We are well trained. His favorite toy is a small Kong and his favorite activity is sitting on his Dad enjoying a nice long petting session. He loves to take naps with Mom. That's where he learned to snore. Every year for over 20 years he has starred in our Christmas cards.

















































































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