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Pringle posing for Poirot.
Pringle a 5 year old cockatiel, is posing for Poirot, a 4 year old
African Grey.
Pringle is sweet, gentle, and enjoys being petted as well as doing an
assortment of tricks.
Poirot fondly refers to her as his "cutie-pie" and describes her as
"so sweet, so good", but don't be fooled by this gentility. He is
really a rambunctious rascal in disguise! One of his favorite antics
is to fly around the room and bomb unsuspecting victims with his
beloved "Spoon!" Both birds enjoy each others company.





Happy Fidalentines Day!

This poem is dedicated to my fids, Tinkerbell (rescued 1/25/05), Tiki (hatch date 04/05/05) & Riley (hatch date 02/17/06):

I love birds, I love them so, Life without them I’ll never know.

Each day starts with a meeting, chirps & whistles, it’s their own special greeting.

Fresh fruits & veggies to wash & chop, Served with warm birdie bread to fill each crop.

Toys of wood, leather & bells, Makes for fun with loud squawking yells.

Feathers & pellets all over my floor, Does not deter me from loving them more.

As the sun fades we share scritches & kisses, Then it’s off to each cage with sweet dream wishes.


Tinkerbell, my Cockatiel, came to live with us after my Dad rescued him from being attacked by two crows & when a search for his owners turned up empty, this little fellow was given his girly name by my daughter, because according to her “A bird does not know that’s a girl’s name!” It wasn’t long until Tinkerbell won over our hearts & I decided to add to our flock. Tiki, my Indian Ringneck came to live with us when he was just 8 weeks old. He is such a character & loves to talk. He also prefers to receive his head scritches from my toes (he has a foot fetish) instead of my fingers.  Riley, my Congo African Grey joined the flock when she was 5 months old. She is very hard headed & wants her way or no way at all! She enjoys telling Tinkerbell & Tiki: “Shhh, Be Quiet!” when they start making a racket. Riley loves to go for car rides & talks & chirps the entire time.






Gizmo is a male Pacific Parrotlet, and quite an interesting character. We met him in a pet store when he was 5 weeks old. We noticed him riding around on the shoulder of the breeder who was dropping him off for sale.
It was love at first sight and we were allowed to take him home a week later when he was finished weaning. Gizmo was born on Friday, January 13, 2006, but there's nothing unlucky about him. We were told he was handfed from day one, along with a sister, when the parents turned on the clutch.
He's a real cuddle bug, and knows a few tricks too. We taught him to shake hand, wave and do a high five. He says a few words, especially when we're working tricks with him. He'll say "shake hand" as he shakes, "wave" when we wave at him and "step up" as he does his step ups. Our favourite is when he says "bye bye" when we leave. Gizmo loves attention and will sit in your hand for hours if you rub his head in just the right spot.




This is Pepper (Sun Conure) and Charlie (Nanday Conure).  We got Pepper as a baby but adopted Charlie when he was six years old (he is now nine).  Charlie is very shy and it took almost a year for him to be somewhat comfortable even stepping up for us.  About a year ago we noticed Charlie trying to get close to Pepper to preen her.  When we saw this we knew it wouldn’t be long before they became friends. And, as you can see in the photo, they did. The friendship with Pepper has been very good for Charlie as Pepper is very social and it is helping bring him out of his shell.  In this photo they were playing in a small tree we have in our backyard after a bath in the sun and stopped their climbing and chewing for a preening session. It is so amusing to watch them preen each other as they get themselves in the strangest positions. Charlie still doesn’t like to be touched by hands but he will let Pepper do anything to him – literally!  Charlie will probably never have that type of comfort level with humans so we are happy that he now has someone he trusts completely and obviously adores.





Lutino ringneck babies love to hide and have fun. Babies names are HERE, WE, GO, AGAIN.

One of these babies is for my grandsons birthday, He is excited about his new friend and wants to call him Pringle. Parents of these babies are Banana and Chip.....





Tinkerbell is a Rainbow lorikeet she is 4 years old. She loves to say all sorts of things, she loves to talk and mimic noises like the vacuum cleaner and the dogs squeaky toy. She has a large vocabulary. She loves to cuddle in your shirt or hang out on your shoulder while taking a walk. She is a little Lory clown and makes everybody laugh.
Favorite word: "Come here"
Favorite Food: Apple
Favorite drink: Apple juice 





This is Charlie, our Orange-winged Amazon miracle. We adopted Charlie 4
months ago from an animal sanctuary where they thought he was
about 30 years old! After taking him to the vet for a check-up, we found
out he is approximately 10!!! Charlie was rescued from an animal hoarder
about 1-2 years ago where he was found in horrible condition. The cage he
was in was dirty, (4-5 inches of waste on the bottom) perchless, and
toyless. He was underweight and had a vitamin A deficiency. But all in
all, after the small amount of time at the shelter, he was in quite good
health when we adopted him....in fact, he was a little chubby! When we brought him home in February, Charlie had problems perching on
ANYTHING (due to clinging to cage bars for so long and an old toe injury
that healed incorrectly), was afraid of almost anything, hated bath-time,
and was QUIET. Now, his feet are quite toned (he leaves marks in my arms,
he holds so tightly!) and he loves everything! He follows me around the
house like a little puppy. He is down to a healthy weight, and his feathers
are quite bright and lovely thanks to his new-found love of showers! He's
also quite noisy now! He loves to "kiss kiss" and whistles (think: catcall)
and laughs. He also quite enjoys thinking I am the parrot.....he knows what
words we want him to say, but won't say them when we want. He
waits.....says "hello" unexpectedly....waits for ME to repeat it...then
laughs. He's a little ham (and he LOVES the camera).
I am still so amazed at how a bird who has been through so much can still be
so friendly and trusting. Charlie is the most miraculous thing I have ever






Toby - Harlequin Macaw - 5 yrs old
Toby has a clown personality that keeps us constantly entertained.  He loves to be the center of attention.  He's very affectionate &  likes to preen us, take walks, eat dinner, make kissy noises and just hang out with us.  Toby loves to be with us.  No matter what we're doing... he wants to be part of the action, or at least nearby so he can see us. Even though he has quite a vocabulary, he calls everyone bubba.





"Hi! My name is Cheo. I'm a 50-year old Double Yellow Headed Amazon. At 50 I am in the September of my lifetime. I have the potential to live another 30 years! I confess I have been a feather plucker for a long time - maybe due to stress, boredom, or diet; or, perhaps, even as a bad habit, like biting fingernails. I lived with my original caregiver for over 40 years until she passed away at age 90. When I went to live at the parrot refuge, Jane met me there and something "clicked" between us. Jane adopted me 4 years ago and she loves me for all that I am - almost as much as I love her!"

Cheo's owner had passed away and he arrived at
the refuge the same day my 20 yr old Yellow Nape
Amazon died.  Something just told me that I was
suppose to adopt him.  So when Cheo and I got home
I put him in a cage about 4 times the size of  his previous
one and he kept looking up wondering who lived
on the top perch.   He says several words and
phrases mostly involving food.  I love when he says,
"Want ya supper?" and he says "Hellooo" like an
elderly lady.  He can be napping, but when I say,
"TREAT TIME", he starts his chicken calling.
Cheo loves his head scratches and neck & beak rubs.
He shares his sunroom with a Cockatoo, Cockatiels, a
Senegal and an African Grey, but he doesn't seem to mind.
Besides, he has the best view of the TV!!
He was plucked when I got him, but I love him just the
way he is.




Sun Conures at play. Cheerio is on the left and Baby is on the right. Cheerio is 4 1/2 while Baby is 4. They are never apart and love each other very much. Cheerio is a female but I have not had Baby sexed yet.






This is a picture of Madison McCorkle’s yellow sided green cheek conure “Baby Sweet Cheeks”.  She loves to hide under things, but her favorite by far is the wing of my baby greenwing “wasabi” 

BSC is weaned now and living at home.  She was born on 4/8/7.  Wasabi won’t be home for another month or so.  She was born 3/19/7.  both are great babies


Name of bird: KoKo
Species: Moluccan Cockatoo 
Age: 10 years old
Interesting characteristics of the bird:  Huge vocabulary, plays games, does tricks, imitates everything he hears!



















































































































































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