2010 Photo Contest Winners


Jade is a 3 year old Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot. He is known for having an extensive vocabulary and being sweet enough for anyone to hold and play with. Some of his favorie phrases are "Hola. ¿Cómo estás?", "What'cha doin'?" and he also picked up a funny naughty phrase that I won't repeat here.




Wasabi is a 2 year old Greenwing Macaw who loves to shower with her Daddy and drink from his glass.  She says “I like water, Hi, step up, and can moan "get out" in the most pitiful of voices.  We love her when she flies and tell her she provides great air conditioning.  Although she is fully flighted her wing span is larger than the door frames so it’s not uncommon to see her walking where she wants to go.  She is also the wrestler of the family and loves it if you get down on the floor to wrestle with her and put her on her back and slide her across the floor.



Cooper just turned 2 years old April the 22nd. He is a male Solomon Island Eclectus. He is developing a well rounded vocabulary but most loves to harass our dogs. He calls their names, impersonates each of their barks, and tells them to "shut up" and "that's enough". He loves it when he barks and we call him by the dog's name and tell him to quit down. This is followed by a big laugh on his part. He is my dream bird and we are enjoying him so much!



Lockie is a rare Slender Billed Conure. She is one of the sweetest and most gentle natured birds I’ve ever met. She came to us as a foster bird from a rescue sanctuary and within 24 hours fell madly in love with my husband so naturally we adopted her.  She doesn’t like to bathe often but when she does, it is a big splashing affair and she looks a complete mess afterwards!




Alberto, 12 year old Yellow-nape Amazon. In typical Amazon fashion, Alberto is full of life. In this picture he is "enjoying" the moving boxes as we are preparing to move. He is fully flighted and “owns” certain parts of the house. He loves scritches and quiet time with Dad. He has a very large vocabulary and uses his words appropriately. When we have unfamiliar guests over and he decides he doesn’t like them, he immediately tells them "bye-bye". If he likes them he will fly to their shoulder and flirt. The one phrase/word he has refused to learn say is “night-night”. Just like a small child, he fights going to bed at night.




Murphy really enjoys playing her saxophone.  She practices every day and hopes to get to Carnegie Hall in the near future.  She was thinking of entering the American Idol contest but I told her that they only accept humans.  She was very disappointed.  I had mentioned that she may want to try to  get on the Dave Letterman show because other birds have been accepted on his stage.   Murphy is an 8 year old Goffin Cockatoo and has shared her life with us for 7 years.  Besides playing her sax she enjoys her foot toys, flying and going on trips in the motor home. 



Chula is a Military Macaw who was in a foster home when I met her in December, 2007. Her former owners had given her up because she was "too loud and too messy". This funny little green parrot with a British accent followed me around everywhere I went. I spent 6 months with her every day after work until I officiallly adopted her. She loves to sing (loves to watch American Idol) and loves to take showers. She is very sweet and gentle and I am so thankful that I was able to adopt her. 'Chula' means beautiful in Spanish.




Pico is a 2 1/2 year old White Bellied Caique

He loves to whistle back & forth with people and his vocabulary includes "Pico", "Okay", "I'll be back", and "No".
His favorite thing to do besides eating & playing with his
              toys is playing in the water.  My husband & I think he's
              part "duck".  If he sees running water, he wants to get in
it & play.





My bird's name is Rocky and he's a Moluccan Cockatoo. He's 9 years old.. He is a very photogenic bird, as you can see. He always poses for the camera. He loves to bark like a dog and he loves to hide under blankets. My favorite thing that he does is when he's scared or if you say something he doesn't like, he'll put his toe in front of his beak and say "shhhhh".




Pringle-ella eagerly awaits the appearance of her fairy-godmother in the hope that she will turn Poirot into a gentle steed before he eats the carriage.
Pringle, a calm, sweet, six year old cockatiel, possesses all the qualities desired in a "Belle of the Ball".
Poirot, a five year old Congo African Grey, would much rather toss, attack or fly off with a ball (and drop it on your head) than attend one.



Zorro is a 2 year old Nanday Conure. Her favorite activity is preening -- humans too!  She also likes hanging around by one foot or just one toe.  She is very dexterous and appears to be double-jointed.  She even figured out all by herself how to hold and use a scoop to steal food.  Zorro will eagerly show off her 'wave' and 'shake hands' -- especially for anyone who's holding the sunflower seeds!  She loves to race her buddy, Grasshopper, around the house and get into as much trouble as two little parrots can think up.  At the end of the day, Zorro will dive into a shirt and cuddle as she sings her conure songs.
Vocabulary:  sings original conure "songs" that she and the other conures made up



This is Sydney, my 9-year-old blue & gold macaw. He IS my little angel. He has a huge vocabulary and loves to show his "pretty wings". Sydney believes he is in charge if I am out of the room. I hear him giving orders to all the other parrots.









































































































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